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In a message dated from somewhere in outer space, Jason writes:

[Jason]: Howdy Earthlings

[Jason]: …welcome to mission control.

[Jason]: You’ve managed to make your way all the way to my home base. Nice to have you. Welcome to the soon-to-be new and improved version of the launch pad. While we get this bad boy ready for lift off, make yourself at home and browse around a bit. I’m hoping you will join me as I continue to take on this Quest to make a sizable dent in the Universe. One fueled by a search for true happiness, absolute freedom, and epic adventures.

[Jason]: Some of you may recall I set out on a mission almost 5 years ago with those main themes in mind, and for a little bit of time gained a little bit of steam as I wrote about the Journey on my old blog Jason’s Epic Quest. Man, how incredible the Journey has been. For those of you new here, I retired my career in 2012 in to unhitch myself from location, to travel more, and to be free. It’s been quite a long time already, and guess what? I didn’t die. In fact, I’ve never felt more alive.

[Jason]: My first crack at blogging helped me uncover growth hacking techniques that allowed me to amass over 10,000 fans and followers in about 3 months time. However, as that was picking up steam, I stumbled into a world that would change my life forever. It was evident that this new project would need my intense focus, so I went dark.

[Jason]: Somewhere along the way I managed to discover, architect and built an automatic, laptop based eCommerce model out of a sputtering eBay business I had been messing with in my spare time. Once built, I gathered up my inventory sourcing strategies and helped found one of the most highly regarded lead service businesses in the Amazon FBA seller community. (My Co-founder still runs that lead service here, though you may have to get on the waiting list.) Since then, I pushed hard for full automation, and we have grown to over $60k per month in sales with about 10-15 minutes or so of direct work from me on most days.

[Jason]: So now, with an immense amount of time to explore the universe of possibilities available to us, I begin creating again. Here, on this site, I’ll pretty much pick up where the old Quest left off. And here,, we will be putting together the most comprehensive information portal available on the web for anyone interested in building an eCommerce business of their own.

[Jason]: Cheers for now friends. Over.